In a cluttered market, it’s vital that organisations can stand out. The CRP has supported countless businesses to define and strengthen their proposition by a range of sophisticated communication offers:

Corporate Storytelling

It’s critical that businesses have the ability to tell stories. Your messages will tell people what you're about, but your stories will get them to care. The popular CRP storytelling workshop builds on existing corporate messaging, and with the help of audience insights and business objectives, gives organisations a clearer sense of purpose, and brings corporate character to life by way of a compelling narrative.

The half-day workshop (which can accommodate up to 6 participants) is a combination of theory and practical work, which gives attendees a clear understanding of what makes for a powerful and meaningful story for audiences. The group will begin the process of developing their own story and identify the channels that are best placed to tell that story, whether that’s a video, a piece of research, or executive interviews.

Facilitated by a senior consultant, the workshop’s deliverables will include:

  • First draft of the story idea

  • Strategic campaign plans for story execution

  • Transcribed notes from the workshop

Message Development

Central to any organisation’s sense of character are its corporate messages. The words that capture what the business stands for in terms of its stakeholders. Managed and developed properly, messaging can prove to be the differentiator that ensure your business stands out from the competition. Fundamentally, messages are about achieving your objectives and not sloganeering.

The message development process is a workshop - over a half, or full day - comprising representatives of the senior team. In terms of process, the CRP will get an understanding of your outcomes prior to the workshop. The CRP messaging workshops always have an organisation's key audiences front-of-mind to best guarantee messages that resonate beyond the business. The workshop also identifies so-called proof points - facts and figures - that support the messages to withstand any amount of scrutiny from stakeholders.

Media Training

Company spokespeople are an integral component in building character and defending corporate reputation. Subsequently, it's critical that spokespeople are skilled in telling the world what their business stands for in compelling terms, and negotiating the fiercest of media interviews.

The CRP has trained senior employees from multiple sectors, including technology, financial services, education, healthcare, retail, aviation and sport.  The practice’s training program caters for a range of experience, from newly appointed spokespeople to hardened veterans of the interview.

Training sessions are run over a half, or full-day and are a combination of theoretical insights and practical exercises, with participants having the opportunity to gauge their progress by way of a number of mock interviews to camera.  

The popular training sessions are different to others on the market in that they are tailored to not only equip trainees with effective message delivery and interview control techniques, but also build on the passions that spokespeople need to persuade their various audiences.

Pitch Rehearsal Training

Increasingly, businesses are having to pitch and present for new work. For many, the experience can be a difficult one. Yet, with the right training, such scenarios can be the opportunity to shine a light on your organisation’s talents.

The CRP has worked successfully with businesses to improve their ‘presence in the room’.  Pitch rehearsal training sessions offer a comprehensive assessment of:

  • Structure of the pitch

  • Body language of pitching team

  • Delivery of the pitch

  • Effective use of technology

Sessions are filmed for playback purposes to give attendees a detailed overview of their respective performances.

Employee Engagement Programs

An engaged workforce is, quite simply, one of the most valuable assets an organisation can have to best drive success.

The CRP has a wealth of experience in supporting management teams reach and engage both back and front-office staff members. From auditing the effectiveness of existing internal communication channels, to building brand ambassadors, we have the know-how to share the company’s values and articulate the purpose that drives those values.

The CRP can also support on an ad-hoc basis, including ghost-written blog updates and articles; online surveys and change communications.