We help make organisations stronger by maximising their reputations.

Our proposition is a simple one. We bring reputations to life and look after them. Without sounding too much like superheroes, we engage with a business and its people to develop and define a shared reputational identity.

This is not to say that we’re just about the storytelling. We do that, but the company story can only be successful if it has been formed after we’ve heard from employees. Only then will the whole business have a joint sense of purpose and direction. This is really important as it provides the organisation with a benchmark, which gives us the opportunity to measure reputational health.

Ultimately, the CRP combines the insights borne of change communication programs, with reputation management processes. We articulate the reputation; build the capability of team members to use it effectively, and have the systems in place to ensure reputational threats are identified and duly mitigated.

For far too many agencies, reputation is all about reacting to a corporate incident – this is too little and too late for any discerning business. In a world where social media has given licence to millions to play an active role in shaping corporate image, companies need a more dynamic approach to reputation. At CRP, we’re about making your reputation work for you. 



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