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The Corporate Reputation Practice’s (CRP) value to its clients lies in our ability to make reputation real. For far too many businesses, reputation is proving to be a managerial oversight, due to its abstract nature; subsequently, out of sight and dangerously out of mind. At the CRP, we have the expertise and the analytical tools to make organisational reputation a concrete and quantifiable proposition for the businesses we work for.

This is merely the start of a critical process that offers us precious insights into how best to strengthen reputations. The CRP then develops bespoke communication programs in view of these insights, which nurtures this reputation among an organisation’s key audiences – both inside and outside the business. Ultimately, a good reputation is earnt, but more importantly, it’s vital that it is then looked after and used to support the business. Pivotal to the success of fostering a great reputation is the idea of sharing with the world what it is that makes you a trusted and supportive brand, and to that end, the CRP works closely with its clients to articulate that reputation into compelling stories; stories that produce a point of differentiation for businesses, so they stand out among their audiences for the right reasons. Well-crafted narratives that bolster reputation and also produce ‘corporate character’ – an essential asset in the cluttered, modern marketplace.

For far too many agencies, reputation is all about reacting to a corporate incident – this is too little and too late for any discerning business. Today’s companies need to have a shared identity and a dynamic approach to reputation that’s integrated with their wider cultural values if they’re to succeed. At CRP, we’re about making your reputation work for you.  Our particular strengths are all geared to:

Ø  Developing a distinctive sense of identity for your business

Ø  Giving employees a greater purpose in the business

Ø  Building capability across the business to ensure its reputation is protected

Ø  Harnessing the benefits of social media for corporate reputation

Ultimately, our aim is to ensure that your character and reputation pays dividends for all involved in the business.




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