You can make a positive difference to your organisation by making the time to define your character and grow your reputation. We know that time is precious and it's not unusual for such vital assets to be overlooked amidst the hectic day-to-day nature of business life. However, it's character and reputation that will ensure you are robust enough to blossom during times of uncertainty. The CRP recognises the importance of nurturing long-term relationships with clients and to that end we will offer to spend time with your teams without incurring consulting rates, either defining your organisational story, or assessing your reputational threats.



It's vital that your organisation has a compelling corporate story to stand out from the competition, drive recruitment and build profits. We will offer to build that narrative by way of an introductory story workshop.

Define Your Story


Corporate reputations are relentlessly under threat. We will help you withstand such challenges, with an introductory reputational risk audit, which offers a clear view of those tangible and intangible risks that threaten the business.

Manage Your Risks