The cost to business of lost or damaged reputations has been well documented. The CRP is expert at not only looking after that reputation by way of a range of tools and training, but more importantly, the practice can help build positive reputations.

Social Media Reputation Plans

In light of social media, corporate reputation is more exposed than ever before. The public now has a greater opportunity to interact with an organisation and its services, which can prove damaging to the most durable of brands.

Social media reputation plans are a critical tool to ensure an organisation is using its social media assets properly to not only withstand the impact of a reputational attack, but to also nurture and grow the reputation in ‘peace time’.

The CRP social media reputation plans help businesses in a number of ways, including:

  • Strengthening ties with industry opinion leaders

  • Providing insights on consumer outlook towards the brand

  • Using employees the right way to grow and defend the brand

  • Showing how best to use its digital assets to respond in a crisis situation 

Stakeholder Management Plans

Every organisation has a raft of stakeholders that take close interest in its work.

The supply chain is getting more complicated, and the media landscape is changing at breakneck pace. Consequently, it’s vitally important for organisations to have strong, healthy relationships with its many publics – from staff members, to regulators.   

The CRP works with businesses to firstly identify their key stakeholders and prioritise them accordingly. The practice then develops appropriate outreach programs, which incorporate a range of different channels to best ensure a series of successful and long-term relationship.

Simulation Exercises

The CRP places great emphasis on the notion of ‘learning from doing’. To that end, we specialise in arranging crisis simulation exercises.

Such exercises are unparalleled in giving employees a taste of an authentic reputational incident. Running for a full, or half-day, our simulations can involve as many as 20 of your employees, while capturing the intensity and speed of a live event.

Simulations can come in the form of a desktop exercise, whereby participants are introduced to a situation by way of a laptop program, which evolves over the course of the day. Attendees face a series of external and internal communication challenges in an attempt to bring the scenario under control. Alternatively, organisations can opt for a full-blown live simulation, which in agreement with the client, can involve mock interviews, incoming media calls and ‘real-time’ social media coverage. Both formats are tailored to give participants a full picture of the communication requirements at a time of intense stakeholder scrutiny.

Crisis Communication Plans

Crisis Communication Plans (CCPs) are a vital asset if an organisation has any hope of surviving a serious reputational event.   Quite simply, CCPs set out – in clear steps – how best to successfully manage such an event, with a detailed overview of the roles, responsibilities, processes and tools that are required.

The CRP has developed such plans for a range of industries, including energy, education and healthcare. Such plans are tailored specifically to client needs; there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’. The CRP will spend time with a business prior to developing the manual to get a clear reading of their objectives, and more importantly, the inherent risks that face an organisation. The resultant document will offer readers straight-forward instructions written in plain English and supported by clear graphics.

Risk Audits

It’s crucial that an organisation has a full grasp of the potential risks that could do the business harm. Such threats come from a broad range of sources, including employees, the supply chain, regulatory changes and competitors. CRP is fully versed in working productively and unobtrusively with clients to produce comprehensive risk audits, which give organisations an overwhelming sense of control.

The process has a myriad of specific benefits for any organisation, including an individual assessment of the likelihood of a risk occurring and its impact on the business if it does. The CRP will also work with the organisation on the inherent communications posed by such threats – essentially, the practice will develop your corporate positioning, including the key messages and the responses to associated questions.




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