The CRP was founded by Peter Roberts, a respected communicator of 20 years standing. Peter has held board-level roles in-house and at some of the world’s biggest consultancies. He brings a wealth of international experience to clients, having worked with organisations across the globe, including Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

A self-confessed corporate reputation junkie, who always relishes the opportunity to share his know-how, Peter also teaches communications at a number of Australia’s leading universities.

Peter learnt about the value of a strong reputation and the impact of a clearly defined brand story during his time at the BBC. As the Head of Communications for the corporation’s News division, Peter recognised the galvanising effects of a shared purpose and the clear advantages of cultivating reputation proactively.

Peter quickly applied these insights to numerous blue-chip clients with effective results, following his move into the world of agency.

The CRP was set up in response to the demands of businesses facing new working environments.. Organisations deserve a more dynamic approach to managing and growing their reputations if they stand a chance of succeeding. Ultimately, the focus of our work is about taking a more proactive approach to defining, developing and defending of reputation.
— Peter Roberts